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2012 London Olympics Triathlon: Schedule & Dates

Triathlon is one of the major sporting events of the London Olympics 2012. London is expecting a huge enthusiastic crowd for this exciting event. Triathlon is a very popular multi-sport event that includes swimming, cycling and running in immediate sequence. For London Olympics 2012, the triathlon competitions are scheduled to take place in the Hyde Park, which is one of the largest and royal parks of London. The competition will be held separately for men and women. The men’s competition is programmed for 7th August 2012 whereas women’s competition will be held on 4th August 2012.

2012 London Olympics Triathlon: Schedule & Dates

It is believed that a Triathlon sport is an ancient game that was started back in 1920s in France. However, Triathlon had made its debut at the Summer Olympics during the 2000 Games that were held in Sydney. Till now, the 6 gold medalists in Triathlon sports have come from 6 different nations including Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Austria, Germany and Australia. In the 2012 London Olympics, a total of 110 athletes will take part in this competition including 55 men and 55 women. Both the men’s and women’s competitions will consist of a single race only and in each competition the first athlete who will cross the finish line will be declared as winner.

The continuous races of swimming, cycling, and running will be conducted over a range of distances such as 1,500m swim, a 43km bike ride and a 10km run with no breaks. Time taken for transition between different races is a part of the race. Each participating country is limited to 6 athletes including 3 men and 3 women. The all rounder who is a great swimmer, great cyclist, and a great runner will wear the winning crown of Triathlon sports category of the 2012 London Olympics.

London Olympics 2012 Triathlon Schedule:

Session Time
M/WSession Description
Hyde Park04 August 201209:00 - 11:40WTriathlon, victory ceremony
Hyde Park07 August 201211:30 - 14:00MTriathlon, victory ceremony

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